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19 Aug 2022

UK-Based Constructive Bio Advances Sustainability with Genome Tech

UK-Based Constructive Bio Advances Sustainability with Genome Tech

UK-based Constructive Bio has launched as a biotechnology company and will create synthetic genomes from scratch. 


The technology can be used across a range of sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, and materials. 


The company can also design novel polymers which can breakdown and recycle monomers supporting a circular economy, reported Sustainability Mag. The online media outlet also reported that the innovation can transform the $750bn global polymers market.


“Over the last 20 years, we have created a cellular factory that we can reliably and predictably program to create new polymers,” says Professor Jason Chin, Programme Leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Chief Scientific Officer of Constructive Bio.


“The range of applications for this technology is vast – using our approach we have already been able to program cells to make new molecules including from an important class of drugs and to program cells to make completely synthetic polymers containing the chemical linkages found in biodegradable plastics.


“Now is the right time to commercialise these technologies. By taking inspiration from nature and reimagining what life can become we have the opportunity to build the sustainable industries of the future.”


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