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Missing link: Scoping and Solving the Challenged of Processing Plastic Pyrolysis Oils in Steam Crackers

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction 2022
Chemical recycling via pyrolysis of plastic waste is gaining a lot of attention with a number of projects announced globally and is seen as critical in enabling the brand owners to live up to their pledges for recycled content. Though this solution is considered to help both with plastic waste management and contributing to decrease GHG emissions, several challenges are standing in the way of a successful and large-scale implementation. 
Challenges come from inherent plastic properties (such as chlorine in PVC) as well as impurities from municipal solid waste – both incompatible with steam crackers. Furthermore, steam crackers can have very different feedstock specifications when it comes to end boiling point, nitrogen content, concentration of halogens, etc. 
This presentation will address typical technical challenges when upgrading pyrolysis oils and how to solve them through tailored solution approach deployed commercially.
The commercial deployment side will be addressed through analysis of possible scenarios for the developing market, in which a lot yet needs to happen. The good news is that a lot of the existing capacity can be used and/or repurposed, such as refineries and steam crackers, and though the look of the value chain of the future is uncertain, collaboration is vibrant and synergies abundant.
Milica Folic, Business Development Director - Topsoe Ventures