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Digital Tools for Supply Chain Audits: What, How, and Why?

10 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors 2022
Today, most business leaders recognise the importance of leveraging data in everything from material sourcing, production, to compliance and certification. But how exactly?
Join this panel to learn how public blockchain can support supply chain audits and certification.
The panel is held by Circularise, ISCC and other partners. Many companies use ISCC PLUS for the certified integration of circular raw materials into supply chains and to make credible claims about their products.
Circularise provides a digital system that can make auditing more efficient, and strengthens trust, credibility, security, and integrity of certified data. This helps companies to show traceable compliance and adhere to rules and regulations.

Mesbah Sabur, Founder - Circularise
Jan Henke, Director - ISCC System GmbH
Phil Brown, VP Strategy & Business Development - Circularise