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Sarmenio Saliba

Sarmenio Saliba

Sustainability Business Director, Trinseo
Sarmenio Saliba is currently the Global Sustainability Business Leader of the Sustainability Business & Services unit at Trinseo. He drives decarbonization efforts across the Company and expands Trinseo’s presence in the value chain through acquisitions and collaborations. Saliba joined Trinseo in 2015 and since then assumed different roles from Application Development and Technical Sales to Product & Asset Management. He also spearheaded sustainable projects such as the introduction of mass balance and was responsible for the integration of acquired sustainable companies. Prior to Trinseo, Saliba worked for IBM in energy conversion development. Saliba is a seasoned professional in developing new polymers, technology and market opportunities. He comes from a technical background in nanotechnologies and polymer chemistry coupled with commercial experience in both specialty and commodity chemicals. Saliba studied Chemistry at the University of Leicester and the University of Stuttgart. He then went on to do research for the Centre National de la Recherche (CNRS) in France where he obtained his PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry.