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Melissa Braithwaite

Melissa Braithwaite

Piñayarn Development Manager, Ananas Anam

Melissa Braithwaite is Piñayarn Product Development Manager at Ananas-anam. She obtained a Textile Design degree in 2013 and has 9+ years of experience in the Fashion Apparel and Textile Industry. Having lived and worked across the globe at companies such as Burberry, Oscar de la Renta and Reiss; she has gained a large portfolio of contacts, gaining the experience and appreciation of working with different cultures and in diverse environments. Her expertise is in yarn and fabric development, textile innovation and implementing sustainable strategies to improve social, environmental and ecological factors within textile value chains. Her technical expertise helps companies achieve Sustainable Development Goals, helping to reach net-zero through circularity workstreams, working collaboratively with responsible creation, combining design and technology to achieve forward thinking, to create positive impactful materials for a better world.