How Decentralized Supply Chains Allow for Truly Sustainable Fibre Based Products

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction
We would like to share our revolutionary approach to fibre processing and how we managed to adapt existing production methods and machinery in order to accommodate this new fibre compound. BIO-LUTIONS is a Hamburg-based green tech start-up that has developed its own innovative natural fibre technology, used to produce sustainable packaging and disposable tableware. The production process gives a second life to currently unused agricultural residuals as raw material to replace conventional plastic and paper products. With the purely mechanical process, BIO-LUTIONS creates stable structures and products without additional binding agents. The development of this unique fibre based manufacturing material makes us especially qualified to speak on the challenges in the development and sourcing of sustainable raw materials as well as the creation of entirely new, decentralized supply chains. In our individual presentation, we would like to present the unique advantages of a decentralized supply chain and resource use. The COVID Pandemic as well as the current Ukraine crisis, has again brought focus to the importance of raw-material diversification and independence from international supply chains. With a local supply chain, decentralized production and a reduction of technical infrastructure needed, serve as an example of how previously unused „waste materials“ such as agricultural residues can be reassigned value and usefulness. Only sustainable supply chains and materials can really create products to permanently replace plastic and paper disposables, and promote a holistic change of infrastructure and sourcing of raw materials.