Scope 3 for large supply chains using AI: how to start, and what good looks like

10 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference
All serious sustainability and ESG strategies need to include Scope 3 emissions, but it is one of the most difficult areas to tackle. Complex supply chains are often faced with huge data complexities and can take years to build up the reporting process. Most companies just need to get started, somewhere. Fortunately, machine learning / AI technologies can help companies to move much faster on this data challenge, and gain much deeper insight into their impact. Scope 3 is often described as a journey, and laying a strong data foundation is key for any company to get started, as well as companies maturing in their space. Ed Maclean, CEO and founder of econscia, will present an overview of modern technology approaches to emissions and sustainability strategy, and how companies can set up for success at any point in their Scope 3 journey.
Ed Maclean, Co-founder - Econscia