Panel discussion: Exploring how digital technologies can be used to track manufacturing supply chains and second life of materials to ease the global climate crisis

11 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference
The spotlight on materials traceability and circular economy solutions is growing. The panel will discuss how manufacturers can track the first and second life of materials to ease the global climate crisis, and the importance of calculating the embedded carbon at each production, recycling and end-of-life stage. They will also explore how the digitalization of supply chains, which has never existed before, can provide regulatory compliance and resource security in the EU. They will talk about use cases in the EV battery space and also the evolution in plastics recycling, green steel and beyond.
Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Founder & CEO - Circulor
Ellen Carey, Head of Sustainability - Circulor
Severine Lalande, MD - TotalEnergies
Andy Doran, Senior Manager, Sustainability and Recycling Development - Novelis Europe
Ulla Hueppe, Head of Sustainability Adhesive Technologies - Henkel