Catalyst for innovation - Ethanol-based 1,3 Butadiene for synthetic rubber

10 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference

The supply of raw materials is about to be revolutionized in the pursuit of sustainable feedstocks that support a circular bioeconomy. The development of new generation materials will only take place through collaboration within the existing value chain and with new technology providers, considering the principles of green chemistry. To this end, Trinseo - a global materials company, and ETB - a start-up developing unique catalysts for new, sustainable and bio-based processes, have partnered to understand what is required for the production of bio-based, high-purity 1,3-Butadiene, derived from ethanol as a ubiquitous, safe chemical.

Sandra Hofmann, Technology & Innovation Director, Synthetic Rubber - Trinseo,
Vladimir Trembovolsky, CEO - ETB Catalytic Technologies