Plastics, circular economy and Europe’s environment – a priority for action

10 Nov 2021
Eliminating Plastic Waste

Plastics play an essential role in modern society, but also lead to significant impacts on the environment and climate. Reducing such impacts while retaining the usefulness of plastics requires a shift towards a more circular and sustainable plastics system. This talk tells the story of plastics, and their effect on the environment and climate, and looks at their place in a European circular economy. It is based on the report of the European Environment Agency (EEA): Plastics, the circular economy and Europe′s environment — European Environment Agency (europa.eu). The talk also tells the story about how COVID19 has changed amounts of single use plastics in Europe, in particular face masks and gloves, as well as plastic packaging for take-away and online shopping, based on an EEA briefing: Impacts of COVID-19 on single-use plastic in Europe’s environment — European Environment Agency (europa.eu).

Lars Mortensen, EEA Expert - Circular Economy, Consumption and Production - European Environment Agency