Greening value chains through circular business models

10 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference

This talk looks at green manufacturing focusing on how to ensure more circular and sustainable manufacturing for consumption in Europe. Plastic and textiles are explored as examples of sectors with high environmental and climate impacts from manufacturing. The talk explores the role of circular business models as a means to enable technical, social and business model innovation in manufacturing. It looks at enablers for innovation and circular business models, including policy enablers, education and consumption. It builds on a recent briefing by the European Agency (EEA) on circular business models A framework for enabling circular business models in Europe — European Environment Agency (europa.eu) and recent EEA studies on plastic: Plastics, the circular economy and Europe′s environment — European Environment Agency (europa.eu) and on textiles: Textiles in Europe's circular economy — European Environment Agency (europa.eu) and Plastic in textiles: towards a circular economy for synthetic textiles in Europe — European Environment Agency (europa.eu).

Lars Mortensen, EEA Expert - Circular Economy, Consumption and Production - European Environment Agency