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03 Jul 2024

The Ziex ZE320 tire has been launched by Falken Tyres

The Ziex ZE320 tire has been launched by Falken Tyres

The innovative and forward-thinking company, Falken Tyres, recently revealed their most recent product, the Ziex ZE320 tyre. This tyre is manufactured from sustainable rice husk silica, which means it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and it also brings with it enhanced environmental credentials.

The purpose of this excellent new tyre is to provide improved performance and to also be more environmentally friendly. It has been stated by the company that the first twelve sizes of the tyres will be available for purchase within Europe by the early summer of 2024. On top of this, the company will be releasing another forty-eight sizes by spring of 2025. These sizes will all measure between 15in to 18in and their maximum W speed rating will be, 270 km/h. This rating also includes ‘H’ and ‘V@ variants.

This brilliant new tyre is manufactured in Turkey and it involves an eco-friendly filler, which has been derived from rice husks. These can be used as a source of silica during a process which ultimately produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to traditional processes, such as extracting silica from sand. On top of the reduction of greenhouse gases, the use of this method, provides the ability to convert the heat which is generated throughout the process, into electrical energy which can then be used in other processing tasks. This method results in an excellent product and also reduces CO2 emissions through the entire process.

In March of 2024, a previous version of this product was revealed to trade media. This version was called the Falken Ziex ZE320 and when compared to the current product in a competitive test, the testers stated how much progress the product and the company had clearly made between the two results.

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