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26 Oct 2023

Veolia recently received TRACES approval to export their pet food which is developed through greener manufacturing processes

Veolia recently received TRACES approval to export their pet food which is developed through greener manufacturing processes

Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd has discovered a method of producing pet food through a greener manufacturing process and recently announced that TRACES have approved their new insect-based product for commercial markets. The new product is made up of Entomeal (Veolia’s insect-based ingredient) and Entolipid (insect-derived oil) and the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia has deemed it suitable to be exported to new markets.

The ability to export this new and innovative product, means that Veolia can expand its market to European nutrition manufacturer markets which deal with pet food, aquaculture and livestock.

Veolia’s new product is composed of Entomeal and Entolipid and the best thing about this product is that it has been created through a greener manufacturing process to the extent that the product is greener and better for the environment, whilst retaining the nutrition it needs to provide for animals.

The product is produced from Entomeal and Entolipid which come from black solid fly larvae (BSFL) and to make these substances appropriate for consumption, they go through a bioconversion process during the manufacturing process. This bioconversion process converts all the byproducts into materials which are repurposed for use in agriculture, creating green energy and animal nutrition. This process is not only sustainable, but also adds value to organic waste, aids decarbonisation and helps energy, water and land savings. This manufacturing process is a lot greener than the traditional process which is used for making proteins suitable to animal nutrition. TRACES studied the entire process and has confirmed that the ingredients’ traceability, food safety and whole manufacturing process, meet the required standards. It has also been confirmed that the product and manufacturing process both adhere to the European Union industrial standards and are also compliant with EU regulations for animal feed.

The general manager at Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Fabrice Latchoumanin, commented, “There is an increasing requirement for sustainable and functional ingredients in the pet food and the aqua feed industry. Insect-based feed offers many benefits for these applications such as high digestibility and nutritious feed source. We are thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative source of protein to the European market.”

Veolia has said that the company operates one of the largest industrial insect processing plants throughout Asia, and now that their product has been approved, the company will be able to continue growing further than they already have. The facility is currently ISO 22000, GMP and HAACP certified and holds the capacity to produce 3,000 tons of insect-based ingredients and fertilizers annually. This means that since the product market has been expanded through the approval, a larger variety of companies across the world will have access to this greener pet food and consequently the greener manufacturing process which is used to make these products will be in much higher demand as the company hopes to be producing more pet food through their expansion.

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