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13 Mar 2024

Texcyle manufactures sustainable socks with Bio-Elastane

Texcyle manufactures sustainable socks with Bio-Elastane

Texcyle is a pioneering sock supplier and was founded by Raunak Hasnani in 2023. The company produces socks that are 100% organic and this business has been officially launched into the global market, where it has introduced the use of Bio-Elastane in sock production.

The use of Bio-Elastane in sock production is a first-time, innovative movement, that has not been done before this company. The movement was started by Raunak Hasnani, the founder, who has a passion for revolutionising the sock industry. The company operates through manufacturing 100% organic socks, whilst simultaneously partnering with brands that are also dedicated to sustainability and using ethical practices. Consequently, this work highlights the effort the brand puts into ensuring products are sustainable, are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and they continue to promote themselves as an eco-conscious brand.

Moreover, Texcyle’s aims as a company go far beyond manufacturing socks, as they are also dedicated to getting rid of greenwashing claims within the fashion industry, striving towards having a low carbon footprint, constantly aiming for excellent quality and also providing the option for customization services. Their plan for combatting greenwashing within the fashion industry, is to offer a manufacturing process which is both transparent and eco-friendly. Along with these aims, the company also wants to inspire a positive and active change within like-minded business and they strive to do this through collaborations. They also hope that this change will be reflected by individuals who are interested in clean sourcing. All of these environmental practices and efforts truly depict Texcyle’s dedication to ethical practices and environmental sustainability, which are the core elements of the company that make it stand out within the sock industry.

The socks that the company manufacture are made through combining Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester and their innovative Bio-Elastane and this process results in a low carbon footprint sock. Texcyle is able to guarantee a manufacturing process that is fully sustainable, as all their materials are ethically sourced and certified. Furthermore, the forward-thinking company has removed all of the plastic packaging that would be used in shipping and have replaced it with eco-friendly alternatives which include paper, cotton and compostable plastic.

In order to drive the use of these socks and their aims and goals forwards, Texcyle operates as a B2B model and collaborates with eco-conscious retailers, sustainable fashion brands, as well as companies that have made their commitment to promoting ethical practices clear. Alongside this, Texcyle presents an opportunity for their socks to be custom designed, which allows companies to bring out their identity, whilst maintaining their sustainability goals. This helps business to be more sustainable and to partake in their share of responsibility.

CEO of Texcyle, Raunak Hasnani, commented, “What sets Texcyle apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and customization. We’re not just selling socks; we’re selling a vision of a greener, more sustainable fashion world. We invite businesses who share our vision to join us in this journey.”

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