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08 Jun 2022

Polestar Sponsored the Global Fashion Summit to Source Textiles for its Interiors

Polestar Sponsored the Global Fashion Summit to Source Textiles for its Interiors

Polestar, the Swedish EV maker, sponsored this year’s Global Fashion Summit which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this week to find partners for innovative interior textiles. 

The event represents the leading international forum for fashion sustainability and hosts members from the fashion industry, policy makers and various stakeholders. 

The only car maker in the summit, Polestar was seeking partnerships for its Polestar 0 Project, which aims to develop a climate neutral car by 2030.  

“The biggest obstacle to sustainable innovation is our own lack of imagination – we need to reimagine everything in order to make real change. This starts with collaboration within, and beyond, our industry,” said Fredrika Klaren, head of sustainability at Polestar. “Textiles and soft interior materials in particular remain a huge challenge in our quest to deliver on climate neutrality.”

The main theme of the event was “Alliances for a new era” to recognise the importance of collaboration across industries on sustainable materials. 

The fashion and transport industry account for a significant share of global emissions so the scope for reduction is large said Polestar. 

“Bringing Polestar as principal partner to the Summit is the essence of what we aimed to achieve with our new and expanded cross industry-scope. Polestar is spearheading sustainability in the car industry with its bold, near-time goals,” said Global Fashion Agenda CEO, Federica Marchionni.

“Polestar’s approach, especially when it comes to favouring radical change rather than incremental improvements, is an inspiration for the fashion industry too. For those working with sustainable materials and textiles, Polestar’s search for collaboration will be a great opportunity and business case to explore and apply innovations in a new area.” 





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