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03 Jul 2024



As time marches on closer to 2030, there is a need to make significant steps towards carbon-free and low-emission power generation.  Time is not on the side of achieving operational status for industry and transportation’s low emission power generation by 2030. 

Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Inc. or OWPST is poised to be a leader in this massive new industry worldwide.  OWPST is a Dallas-based company that designs, manufactures, deploys, and operates water desalination (sea recovery) plants for island and coastal communities around the world.  OWPST has made the investment in R and D along with their assets and resources has accumulated a 5 year advantage over all competition and is presently in the front line position of readiness for the challenge of 2030. 

The Titan Wind Turbine Platform was created to economically support a single wind turbine in water depths greater than six fathoms (48 feet to 300 feet). By using proven methods for designing jack-up drilling rigs and utilizing the patented Titan Wind Turbine Platform, (US Pat. 7163355 “Mobile Wind-Driven Electric Generating Systems and Methods”), was designed to solve the deepwater dilemma.  

The TITAN Ocean Naiad represents a generational breakthrough in cost effective seawater desalination applications.

As a stand alone platform, it can produce up to 30 million gallons of clean drinkable water per day, enough to meet the needs of 100,000 families of four. Powered by wind energy, the TITAN nearly eliminates the high cost of power electricity needed to demineralise seawater for drinking, or to desalinate and deionise seawater for producing green hydrogen.

These platforms have lower operational costs while adding water desalination, mineral extraction and several other features including gas extraction and hydrogen production to the system.  OWPST has effectively restructured the construction and deployment of wind power offshore with these high megawatt output operational platforms.

The platforms are eco-friendly with minimal disruption to marine life. Unlike other offshore units with disruptive piling of the sea bed, OWPST platforms drop down and rest on the floor and can be moved with a minimal footprint in a single day.

Our TITAN 2 is an offshore platform that is category 5 hurricane resilient that virtually will withstand the most severe storm conditions.  Under our project finance package we design build and operate the system.  It is a project that is guaranteed by insurance and

bonding for both quantity and quality.  Our TITAN 2 has been tested, proven and certified by ABS, The American Bureau of Shipping, who have prepared and issued the regulatory classification and statutory certification for the TITAN. 

Once onsite, OWPST is unique in its ability to rapidly deploy operational platforms within 24 - 48 hours providing potable water and electricity. No other wind power company in the world is currently deploying this rapidly while providing multiple high output resources from one platform.

Offshore wind has a higher capacity factor than other renewables, meaning an electrolyser can operate for a greater proportion of time and produce more hydrogen. Many of the potential end uses of clean water, hydrogen, and electric power such as in refineries, the metal industry, marine transport, and export/import facilities are located on the coast, near to offshore wind farm locations.

Producing hydrogen is an energy-intensive process, and to be truly clean, it needs to be made using zero-carbon sources of electricity.  Green hydrogen offers a decarbonisation solution to the industrial, chemical and transportation sectors. Combined with investment, government support, engineering advancements and a skilled workforce OWPST is poised to lead the quest to provide hydrogen to the consumer by 2030 at a cost that is better than competitive carbonized fuels.  

There is much more to read on our website at    We are ready and available to offer real solutions to industry and others now while there is time. 

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