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09 Nov 2023

Lithos Energy opens new battery system manufacturing facility to welcome new battery system

Lithos Energy opens new battery system manufacturing facility to welcome new battery system

Lithos Energy is a high-performance lithium-ion battery systems manufacturer who have recently announced that they will be opening a new battery manufacturing facility. This new facility will be based in Hayward, California and it is being opened alongside the release of its most recent battery system.

The new facility has been designed with the new battery specifically in mind, this is shown through the new 65,000 square foot facility being built with enhanced packing assembly automation, enabling it to manufacture the new high performance and durability battery pack systems at scale. This chosen design for the building will make it the perfect location to manufacture the new battery and to perform this project effectively and efficiently.

Alongside the opening of the facility, Lithos Energy announced their most recent breakthrough within the power industry, in the form of their newest high-performance lithium-ion battery systems. This battery follows Lithos classic design of high- and low-voltage modular lithium-ion battery systems, whilst it also has a few added advantages. These are qualities such as being able to operate under demanding conditions, making the battery the perfect solution for industries such as mining, marine, construction, agriculture, transportation and off-highway. These are the industries the company mentioned would benefit from the development of these batteries.

The battery consists of a high-voltage system, composed of a 2170 cylindrical-based pack, it is lightweight, IP67-rated, it is also liquid-cooled with integrated BMS with CAN 2.0B communications. The battery comes with two different packs, the high-power variant pack has a 17.8 kWh capacity, whilst in contrast the high energy variant has a 22.7 kWh capacity.

This excellent development shows how the development of a new facility can improve the development of a device which will provide support for multiple companies and in this enable them to become greener, whilst also having a greener manufacturing process for the product itself. By having a whole facility dedicated to the production of a new battery, Lithos will make their production process a lot greener and environmentally friendly, as the entire facility will be dedicated to the production of a green product, therefore significantly reducing emissions that may have otherwise been caused if the green product was being manufactured in a regular facility. Furthermore, producing a lithium-ion battery for industries which operate in difficult conditions, will eliminate the necessity for these companies to use lots of non-renewable energy, and will provide them with the opportunity to use renewable energy and become greener as a company throughout their operations.

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