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13 Dec 2023

LEDVANCE has announced that they will now be selling a professional range of LEDs under their name

LEDVANCE has announced that they will now be selling a professional range of LEDs under their name

Earlier this year, LEDVANCE broke away from their parent company, OSRAM and began establishing a business under their own name. They have grown into a well-known company and are now ready to take the next step and highlight that they are also a sustainable company.

Since parting from OSRAM who deals with general lighting, LEDVANCE quickly got into the LED lighting market and became an established company within the market after only seven years. Now that they have been established for a while, the company is prepared to take their next step within the industry, which involves selling a professional range of LEDs under the name LEDVANCE. These new lights will also become lighting solutions for many companies, once they have to replace and update their current lighting system.

LEDVANCE has taken on a new portfolio of lights, so that they now offer LED lamps, LED luminaires, LED strips, light management systems or human centric lighting. This variety of lights is what places LEDVANCE ahead of other companies and causes businesses to view the forward-thinking company as an industry with long experience, know-how and a focus on the future. LEDVANCE has chosen to sell the lights under their name, in order to make it easier for wholesalers, installers, electrical planners and professional users to identify the products. It is important to make it easier to identify the LEDVANCE products, as soon companies across the EU will need to make a switch to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting provider. Therefore, making them easy to identify, will make the transition to future-proof LED technology much easier.

LEDVANCE uses the slogan “Advancing Light” as they offer a wide variety of lights which are more sustainable and better for the environment in the long run. There are a few options to choose from, with lights for nearly every application on offer. The company stocks items from retrofits and conversions to new luminaire installations. The company has announced that this expansion will also give them the chance to stock products in the SUPERIOR, PERFORMANCE and VALUE classes.

The lights which have gone through an adaptation and upgrade with the industry to become more sustainable for the environment, have also become more powerful, so that they match all the other products in the brand they have become a part of. However, products that are remaining under the former OSRAM brand, even the LEDinestra range will not be receiving an upgrade, but these lights will continue to provide the same quality, performance and efficiency.

Alongside these innovative adaptations and improvements, LEDVANCE also consciously supports its partner’s sustainability efforts and targets. This support is seen not only in their future-proof efficiency, but also through their choice to manufacture their products out of recycled materials and some of their products, such as luminaires, have replaceable components. These factors help LEDVANCE to show their support and put forward their own contribution to creating a circular economy. This commitment to sustainability, has been recognised by EcoVadis, who awarded the company a silver medal for their efforts. EcoVadis is one of the world's most prestigious sustainability rating agencies, therefore this award truly marks LEDVANCE as a company who is forward-thinking eco-friendly and focused on creating better products for the environment.

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