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15 Nov 2023

iPac Packaging Innovations announces update to food packaging product

iPac Packaging Innovations announces update to food packaging product

iPac Packaging Innovations has recently announced that they have been expanding their sustainable product range and in doing this they have been working with the food industry, building up to this relaunch of one of their best products.

The company is a thermoforming specialist, based in the North East and their most recent project has been focused on redesigning and improving a new iZorb packaging range. This new range brings in a multitude of benefits to the packaging industry, including the brilliant new ability to remove the absorbent pads in food trays, as the packaging no longer requires it. Instead, the absorbent pad is able to be removed as iPac has manufactured the new design in a way that allows the packaging itself to perform this role. This has been made possible through the addition of features within the design called cavities which efficiently lock in the liquid, resulting in a reduced weight, minimal cost and reducing the amount of non-recyclable pads entering mainstream usage. On top of this, a study showed that the new iZorb range showed a 25+% liquid retention increase, placing it firmly as the best in the market.

iPac’s work has made their dedication to manufacturing and producing sustainable and fully recyclable products very clear, along with their commitment to the environment. It is evident that their work is attracting customers who are searching for a sustainability driven packaging partner, as their products are an incredibly sustainable alternative to regular packaging. From the greener manufacturing process used to develop these greener end products, the whole process showcases the excellent advancements this development is making for the sustainable packaging and greener manufacturing industry.

The Managing Director at iPac, Jonny Catto, commented, “As packaging specialists, we are committed to manufacturing quality products led by design innovation. iZorb® is one of iPac’s latest initiatives designed to improve recyclability as we continue to focus on sustainable solutions, cost reduction and reducing society’s impact on the environment. As a high-volume packaging manufacturer, sustainability has to be at the forefront of our product offering. We supply 100% recyclable rPET and polypropylene pots, tubs, and trays which themselves are made using recycled content of up to 100%. We also invest heavily in both Product and Materials R&D to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of sustainable packaging development”.

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