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19 Jun 2024

DVF will use Lenzing’s fibres in their apparel to increase sustainable fashion’s popularity

DVF will use Lenzing’s fibres in their apparel to increase sustainable fashion’s popularity

The fashion brand Diane von Frustenberg (DVF) has announced their new collaboration with Lenzing Group, who produce speciality fibres. The purpose of this collaboration will be for DVF to use Lenzing’s Tencel and Ecovero fibres within its designs, so that their clothes can become environmentally friendly and can showcase greener manufacturing and responsible choices within the fashion industry.

Lenzing’s Tencel Lyocell and Ecovero fibres are innovatively manufactured from wood sources which are sustainably managed. Furthermore, the fibres are also deliberately produced with a much lower environmental impact, in comparison to other materials, when it comes to carbon emissions and water consumption. Along with this, the fibres are certified with the EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence.

DVF have stated that they hope to be able to use resource-efficient fibres within their flagship collection, which will consist of everyday fashion items, as well as selected accessories.

The overall aim of this collaboration is to optimise the use of the low environmental impact fibres and to help elevate DVF’s design aesthetic, along with the company’s vision which is set on a more sustainable fashion industry. These goals align with Lenzing’s commitment to adapting and changing the textile industry, through creating fibre solutions.

So far, this partnership has gone well and the fibres have already been featured in a range of DVF garment collections.

DVF’s global strategic partner and CEO of Greater China, Jessie Chen, commented, “By integrating Lenzing’s signature speciality fibres into our designs, we are taking a significant step towards driving meaningful change and inspiring a shift towards conscious fashion choices.”

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