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13 Dec 2023

CII awards Tata Steel a GreenPro Ecolabel

CII awards Tata Steel a GreenPro Ecolabel

Tata Steel is a well-known and well-established steel company who has spent the last two decades creating and sustaining its position as the main supplier of steel to automotive industries.

The company specialises in providing automotive companies with all kinds of steel, from Hot-Rolled (HR) and Cold-Rolled (CR), to Galvanised products. Tata Steel caters to all major automotive OEMs and ancillaries in India and is the leading company in the Indian Steel industry, when it comes to manufacturing sustainable steel solutions. The company also provides environmental certification of its products and in order to encourage customers to buy cleaner and greener steel, Tata Steel conducts Life Cycle Assessments for its products. This assessment allows Tata and customers to evaluate the environmental impact of the steel across various stages of its life cycle.

The company’s efforts have been recognised by CII, who awarded the company the GreenPro Ecolabeling Standard certification, for their Automotive Flat Steel products. This award was created by the Green Business Centre of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and it assess ‘how green a product is’. It makes the assessment based on a comprehensive framework and it was created with the idea of driving forwards and incentivising excellent environmental performance. Being awarded this label has helped Tata Steel to re-emphasise their environmentally responsible credentials and it has shown that the company is very environmentally conscious and eco-friendly.

In order to receive this prize, Tata Steel’s products went through extensive testing and evaluation which covered every stage of their product’s lifecycle. The company’s automotive flat steel products all showed that the use of them will lead to multiple large environmental benefits. Therefore, receiving this award after having gone through these processes, truly shows the company’s commitment to making the automotive industry as green as possible. Through the use of eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing, the company is starting to make the transition into being a greener industry as quick and easy as possible.

So far, CII’s GreenPro certification has been awarded to multiple products and parts created by Tata Steel, such as Steel Rebars (Tata Tiscon) and Tubes (Tata Structura). Plus, the company has also published Environment Product Declaration (EPD) for a few of their products and on these lines, Tata Steel is also the first steel manufacturer to be approved as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) programme operator in Europe.

Vice President, Safety, Health and Sustainability, at Tata Steel, Rajiv Mangal, commented, “We are proud to achieve the GreenPro Ecolabel certification, reaffirming our dedication to producing environment friendly steel solutions. This recognition from CII validate out ongoing efforts to set new standards for sustainability in the steel industry. From rigorous Life Cycle Assessment studies to Environment Product Declarations (EPDs) for key products, Tata Steel continues to strive towards a sustainable tomorrow.”

Vice President, Marketing and Sales (Flat Products) at Tata Steel, Prabhat Kumar, added, “GreenPro certification reinforces our commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and helps strengthen our status as a preferred supplier to the Automotive industry in line with their transformation journey towards sustainability.”

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