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19 Jun 2024

The Bronte Jacket has been developed by Earthletica and Modern Meadow

The Bronte Jacket has been developed by Earthletica and Modern Meadow

It was recently revealed that Earthletica and Modern Meadow agreed to collaborate over the development of the Bronte Jacket. This jacket is the first-of-its-kind and it is lightweight and crafted from 100% recycled nylon, plus it is also coated with a Bio-Alloy shield.

Earthletica is a sustainable activewear brand and Modern Meadow is a bio-material maker. The jacket incorporates a breathable and waterproof membrane which has been manufactured to be free from PFAS/PFC and solvents.

The Bio-Alloy Shield is an innovative and particularly important part, as it is the inclusion of this product which eliminates the need to use PFAS. It is PFAS which is usually used in consumer products, due to their oil-, stain- and water-repellent properties. However, the use of the Bio-alloy Shield, means that the jacket is breathable, waterproof and includes all the necessary features for consumers to remain dry and comfortable outdoors, whilst it is also eco-conscious and represents a commitment to greener manufacturing. Along with this, the designers chose to include a tape-free Airystring Zipper, which has the ability to be used on any piece of clothing and it is lightweight. This combination means that it is packable and can, if needed, fit into a pocket.

The design and all the parts put together mean that the jacket is manufactured out of multiple sustainable and biodegradable materials which are better for the environment. The Bio-Alloy coating provides a sustainable alternative to more commonly used PFAS/PFC, plus the decision to use 100% recycled nylon in this activewear, points to the possibility for a wider range of eco-friendly and high-performance clothing.

This innovative jacket combines multiple techniques, such as the use of biodegradable materials and recycled components, which showcases the shift towards greener manufacturing which the industry is currently making. This shift is also highlighted through Modern Meadow’s development of the Bio-Alloy shield, which emphasises the advancements which are taking place for bio-material technology in this industry, when it comes to consumer goods.

Altogether, the combination of the eco-conscious techniques and the choice in materials, as well as Earthletica’s collaboration, depicts the consistently growing demand for high-performance, eco-conscious activewear solutions, which are both functional and stylish.

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