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15 Nov 2023

Drytac creates solution to fashion industry labelling issue

Drytac creates solution to fashion industry labelling issue

A globally known fashion brand recently approached Drytac and asked them to help them with achieving their goal of becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This project centered around re-designing the label that is stuck onto clothes which provides the information about that product.

The label would be stuck to a variety of products, all made of differing materials, it can also be removed after purchase, however the company wanted to change the material of the label itself. The label had previously been manufactured out of a PVC-based solution and the company, who wanted to display and emphasise their commitment to the environment, asked Drytac to help them find a solution.

Drytac accepted this project and then pieced together all the elements that would need to be considered in order to create a product that would be a fitting solution and would accomplish all the jobs it was required to do. These tasks required of the label included things such as, being able to be removed by the consumer in one piece and without damaging the clothing, being resilient so that it remained attached to the clothing during transit in which the clothing would likely face difficult conditions. Finally, the label had to be able to display the necessary information whilst also being environmentally friendly.

By working with well-known fashion brand, and doing lots of research and experiments, Drytac created the perfect solution which solved all the issues the previous design had, whilst maintaining the necessary structure. The solution’s basic structure begins with a high quality, sustainable, non-PVC face material, which is coated in Drytac’s removal water-based acrylic adhesive. This instantly met the sustainability aims of the project and from here, Drytac continued to experiment with the product, submitting it to extensive humidity chamber and age testing, as well as a logistics test. This was done to simulate the harsh conditions which the product may go through during transit, in order to determine whether the product met those criteria too. The product passed these tests, demonstrating that the new label is both high in quality and reliability.

The decision to ask for Drytac’s assistance and expertise, was an excellent decision as the resulting product met all the requirements and will certainly highlight the company’s commitment to sustainability and being environmentally friendly, through this greener version of a label.

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