Stretching past boundaries – Advantage StretchWrap as the sustainable paper alternative for plastic stretchwrap

11 Nov 2021
Retail & Consumer Goods Packaging

Mondi's customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, supports customers to achieve their sustainability goals and commitments in a fact-based manner that benefits end consumers and the planet. Mondi is uniquely positioned to provide customers with paper and packaging that is fit for purpose using paper where possible, plastic when useful. To ensure our products are sustainable by design, all our activities are based around three actions: replace, reduce, recycle. 1) Replacing packaging and materials with solutions that take product requirements and sustainability into account. 2) Reducing overall environmental footprint and the volume of raw material used through design, operational efficiency and raw material choices. 3) Designing packaging and materials that are optimized for recycling. How do we identify the most sustainable solution for our customers? We follow the five-steps process. 1) Challenge: How can we become more sustainable? Make packaging reusable, recyclable, biodegradable? Reduce total carbon footprint? Optimize the supply chain? We challenge and identify the objectives with our customers. 2) Analyze: All touchpoints in a product lifecycle can have an impact, such as technical requirements, supply chain, end-consumer expectations, legislation, geography, waste management and recycling. 3) Identify: We identify the areas where the packaging can have an impact and design solutions according to our sustainable product criteria. 4) Demonstrate: We join forces with internal and external application centers and certification bodies to verify that sustainable impacts have been achieved. 5) Review: A product currently reviewed as sustainable may be viewed differently tomorrow. Legislation changes, technological breakthroughs happen – we review our solutions and create packaging that is sustainable by design today and tomorrow. With our ever-changing marketplace, customer demands, health and hygiene risks, the need for an agile, sustainable business that works with stakeholders to be fully sustainable is no longer an ask, it is a must. In this presentation we will talk about how our sustainability approach successfully transitions to a new norm of sustainable products in a global environment where the demands are the new standard that needs to be achieved. We will tell our story, backed up with collaborations with major FMCGs, retailers, NGOs (EMF), recyclers and other knowledge partners. There is no single route to sustainability, the silver bullet doesn't exist – we believe in a collaborative approach supported by facts and figures.