Replacing synthetic fibers through open innovation and flexible technology: how we develop functional cellulose fiber solutions for high-performance applications

10 Nov 2021
Eliminating Plastic Waste

Our vision is to use our cellulosic fibers to enable the production of fully biodegradable solutions with performance comparable to products containing synthetic fibers. Fields of application where the replacement of synthetic fibers can be achieved thanks to our innovative solutions include disposable hygiene products (feminine care, adult care, baby care (flushable wipes), functionalized textiles, reusable hygiene products (e.g. period underwear). To fulfill our vision of a plastic-free future, we are focusing on joint and open innovation and close exchange with external partners. We are always striving for mutual inspiration as we know how important synergies are to channel an idea from the ideation stage to commercialization. With our capability to functionalize cellulose-based specialty viscose fibers – e.g. by incorporation of functional additives into the fiber matrix, modification of fiber cross-sections or adjustment of fiber dimensions – we develop sustainable solutions for specific problems, tailor-made for our customers' needs. Through this, we can contribute to the substitution of plastic in more and more products and subsequently to the reduction of waste, associated costs and ecological damage.