Panel discussion: From ‘plastic oceans' to ‘plastic-waste-free oceans' by 2050! How can we get from the old crime story to a new reality?

10 Nov 2021
Eliminating Plastic Waste

The global movement for smart use of (no) plastic is one of the most fascinating and successful steps toward more sustainability. Wherever you go, consumers are reducing their plastic footprint, companies are developing material innovations, communities are optimizing their recycling systems, national and international networks are researching new standards for the circular economy and governments are setting new frameworks through objectives and laws. Is all of this enough to avoid the prediction that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans? Most importantly from an innovation point of view: what is the positive picture we are going for? What is our joint sense of purpose? How can we improve our networking between networks and accelerate ‘collective innovations'? How do we co-create the type of future that in 2050 we would call ‘a real success story of transformation'?