Innovative and sustainable packaging materials fulfill the tightest criteria - replacing plastic films in many end-uses is easy and riskless

10 Nov 2021
Eliminating Plastic Waste
Plastic has been traditionally used in a very large scale of end uses. Current understanding sees that there is a lot of excess use of plastic that has unfortunate consequences. To reduce that, new and sustainable materials have been developed and at the same time their demand has been increasing by brand owners and other customers, as well as regulators and consumers. Majority of end uses where plastic films are currently used, can be replaced with Paptic materials that is fibre-based and has unique material properties, such as softness, durability and light-weight. They are well available and are easy and riskless to take into use. One of the major benefits is that all Paptic materials are fully recyclable with paper and paperboard, and are designed and made according to circular economy principles.