Implementing ESG as your next strategic imperative

10 Nov 2021
Net-Zero Manufacturing Conference
I am submitting this proposal on behalf of 2 speakers from our company. In the presentation, they will discuss why should you care about ESG and how do you go about implementing ESG at your company. NorthFind Senior Associate, Y Nguyen, explores why good governance practices, both internally and across suppliers and business partners, is the foundation of sustainable ESG performance. We will shares the Triple Bottom Line Approach for a more inclusive and sustainable society, using the City of Vancouver as a Case Study. And finally, NorthFind CEO, Jonathon Karelse, will demonstrate how Supply Chain Optimization positively impacts the environment and discusses the operational levers your company can implement to reduce waste. The messages for this presentation: 1. the business landscape is changing. Investors are formally using non-financial metrics to evaluate companies and consumers are increasingly consciously aware of the brands they support and the impact they have. 2. ESG is a framework that captures the evolution of businesses away from companies focused only on the bottom line towards those who can demonstrate sustainability in terms of human capital, the environment, and the communities they operate in. 3. If your business is not actively implementing an Environmental, Social, Governance strategy, this is already a missed opportunity for you to compete and succeed in the long run.