Hydrothermal Upgrading for Hard-to-Recycle Plastic Packaging

10 Nov 2021
Retail & Consumer Goods Packaging

Mura Technology has developed HydroPRS™, an innovative and sustainable advanced plastic recycling process capable of recycling a much wider scope of waste plastic packaging, including materials that cannot be recycled via traditional mechanical means, such as flexible films and multi-layered materials. Different to pyrolysis due to its use of supercritical water, HydroPRS™ offers a highly scalable solution to the challenge of waste plastic – converting it into 100% recycled, fossil-replacement oils and chemicals, such as naphtha, for use in the manufacture of new plastics and other materials. This creates a truly circular economy for plastic, offers a legitimate alternative to incineration and landfill, reduces CO2 emissions and decouples the manufacture of plastic from fossil resource.