How to transform landfill waste into a brighter future for manufacturing

11 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference

Tato Bigio, co-founder and CEO of UBQ Materials shares how UBQ has converted waste – a gross environmental liability - into the most climate positive thermoplastic on the market.

The company is closing the loop between production, consumption, and waste with a singular solution – the UBQ™ material. A universal, drop-in material that substitutes oil-based resins, wood or minerals in everything from car parts, furniture, supply chain logistics and even 3D printing - the potential for UBQ™ is ubiquitous.

Sustainability has never been so simple or economically viable.  The same price, same process, same products have a revolutionary environmental impact when made with UBQ™. Manufacturers now have the power to divert waste, protect finite natural resources, offset greenhouse gas emissions, and advance clients' environmental goals at no additional cost. This is the dawn of a new era - one where the industry is leading the change and pioneering initiatives for a cleaner future.