Exploring the use of Smart Materials in enabling more sustainable solutions

10 Nov 2021
The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference
As a company that is committed to sustainability, Croda's purpose is to deliver Smart Science to Improve Lives. Croda's Smart Materials business creates sustainable solutions for a range of polymer applications. Our Smart Materials include bio-based polymer additives and polymer building blocks that bring not only performance benefits such as slip, anti-scratch and durability to a range of high-end applications, but many additional sustainability benefits too. During this presentation we will demonstrate how putting sustainability at the forefront of material design decisions can result in high-performance, sustainable ingredients that meet the challenging demands of environmentally conscious brand owners and OEMs. Our Smart Materials solutions offer a range of intrinsic and end-use sustainability benefits that include low to zero carbon-footprint materials, enabling lightweighting, more efficient polymer processing, in-use carbon savings and solutions to reach CPE goals.