Connecting the dots: how circularity of plastics will get us to climate neutrality

11 Nov 2021
Eliminating Plastic Waste

The aim to become fully circular at Covestro is closely interlinked with the goal set by the Paris Agreement, the European Union and in many other jurisdictions to become climate neutral. Circularity is playing an indispensable role in reaching this goal. The more we circulate carbon in products through a circular economy, mechanical and chemical recycling and the use of alternative raw materials instead of fossil raw materials, the more emissions we avoid. By closing the carbon loop we get closer to climate neutrality. Making plastics circular reduces not only the plastics footprint but also the Scope 3 footprint of end and consumer products, thereby contributing to climate neutrality throughout the value cycle. The presentation will contribute to the discussion by highlighting those connections and the preferred policy options to build a climate-neutral CE for plastics.