Panel discussion: Fibretech 2.0 – emulation of food-grade plastic packaging formats at scale

10 Nov 2021
Retail & Consumer Goods Packaging

Panelists from three industries (food, beauty, packaging) discuss their experience with fiber-based materials from secondary feedstock combined with organic barrier coatings and modern injection molding techniques to replace conventional plastic packaging with new formats that are recyclable, compostable, and certified food-safe. Their showcase will feature the emulation of plastic transport trays, cosmetic cream jars and coffee capsules made from aluminum.

Michael Laermann, Managing Director - Reason & Rhyme
Volker Maier, Global Luxury Engineering Leader and Engineering Director - COTY
Tahsin Dag, CEO - Papacks
Timo Porsch, CEO - Periplast
Stefan Wolyniec, CEO - Bushplanet,