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Redefining the Green Factory

09 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors 2022
Dedicated to sustainable development, Arup is a collective of 16,000 designers, advisors and 
experts working across 140 countries. Founded to be humane and excellent, we collaborate with 
our clients and partners using imagination, technology and rigour to shape a better world.
For the industrial sector, Arup developed the ‘Green Factory’ as a holistic concept aiming to 
achieve sustainable performance for design and construction of buildings, operations and 
associated supply chains.
The presentation contains a set of actions spanning the entire lifecycle of a facility to support the achievement of a sustainable and green facility. From reducing the overall environmental 
footprint, working towards net zero, incorporating sustainability to circular principles and creating value for local communities, the Green Factory model supports the transition towards circular and sustainable buildings and operations while addressing legislative and economic requirements.
The presentation describes the identified areas of focus, trends and practical examples from our 
global experience.