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Added Value Through Circular Design: How to Make your Business More Circular and Resource Efficient

09 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction 2022
Circular design as an enabler for resource efficiency is a bold chance for products and business models to become more competitive for the future. As around 80% of the ecological impact of a product is designed by its design this is a huge lever when striving for climate neutrality and circular economy. We introduce you to principals of Circular Design and give a glimpse into a methodology that helps to create or improve a circular business model. As Effizienz-Agentur NRW we've helped businesses with resource efficiency and circular design in North Rhine-Westphalia for over 23 years and will share some of our insights with you. 
Lisa Venhues, Head of Developments and Co-Operations - EFA NRW
Stefan Alscher, Consultant for Resource Co-Operations - EFA NRW
Linda Dierke, Project Co-Ordinator for Circular Economy - EFA NRW