BIO.NRW presents the Home of Bioeconomy

BIO.NRW was an official partner of our 2022 event. As a local network, they used the motto “Home of Bioeconomy” to present the various players in North Rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW) biotechnology and bioeconomy scene, highlighting the diversity present in our federal state. A variety of formats, such as company presentations, workshops, and an exhibition, were available in one central location.

And that’s not all: entry to the event was free of charge, so come along to our networking area in 2023 and meet new contacts who could help you reach your sustainability goals.


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Day 1: 9 November - 2022 Agenda



11:00 am

Bioeconomy: a concept for the future? - Prospects for fundraising

Dr Michael Brandkamp, Founder and General Partner of the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF)


Innovations for a Circular Economy


11:30 am

AI and sustainability are transforming your coffee to-go!

Rafael Dyll, CEO of CUNA Products 


11:50 am

A novel and sustainable method to make lactic acid from agricultural residues

Dr Albrecht Läufer, CEO of BluCon Biotech


12:10 pm

Enabling the circular textile economy through chemical upcycling 

Reiner Mantsch & Steffen Gerlach, Co-Founders of EEDEN


Sustainable Ingredients for Sustainable Products


2:00 pm

Bioeconomy at HSHL – Biotechnology and material science for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

Dr Ronja Kossack, Spokesperson for Bioeconomy at  Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt  


2:20 pm

Healthy & sustainable microbial based products, how can probiotics help to naturally rebalance our microbiomes?

Martin Schoonbroodt, CCO of Probiotic Group 


2:40 pm

The chewing-gum revolution: Plastic-free and sustainbale 

Thomas Krämer, Founder of Forest Gum 


Day 2: 10 November - 2022 Agenda

Realising the Bioeconomy – Developments in NRW and beyond


11:00 am

Greentech in North Rhine-Westphalia

Eva Platz, General Manager International Trade Fairs at NRW.Global Business 


11:20 am

Novel business opportunities: regional innovation through bioeconomy in Rhineland 

Dr. Christian Klar, Head of the BioökonomieREVIER  Coordination Office, Forschungszentrum Jülich 


New High-Tech Materials


11:40 am

Silk, a naturally perfectioned material for high-tech  applications

Benedetta Isella, Research Fellow at Fibrothelium
Phillip Czichowski, Laboratory Manager at Fibrothelium 


12:00 pm


Ilhan Kahraman, Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT 


Innovations for Sustainable Applications


1:30 pm

Innovative coatings for edible coffee cups

Sarah Theresa Schulte, Co-Founder of AllCup 


1:50 pm

Seaweed based packaging – An opportunity for  tomorrow’s packaging industry  

Ludwig Schmidtchen, Application Engineer Biopolymers at Brabender 


2:10 pm

Introducing sustainability into molecular diagnostics – Meet the nucleic acid experts 

Dr. Mona Al-Maarri, Product Manager and Sustainability  Manager at BioEcho Life Sciences