UBQ Materials

Stand: 510
UBQ Materials has developed a revolutionary solution that converts Residual Municipal Solid Waste, destined for landfills, into the novel and patented UBQTM material.
Household mixed waste stream, including the organics fractions like food waste, garden trimmings, paper, cardboard, diapers, dirty plastics, as well as packaging materials are converted from seemingly heterogeneous waste streams into an entirely homogeneous material that can be used in existing plastic processing equipment.
The UBQ solution effectively enables industry to reuse wasted materials over and over again. By converting the waste into this commercially viable and valuable material, we provide the missing link between waste disposal through to new product manufacturing, transitioning from a linear extraction and consumption system to a truly circular economy.
UBQTM material is a worldwide patented sustainable thermoplastic material. It can then be used to make the kind of familiar products people use every day.


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