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Superseven GmbH was founded in March 2017 by Katja Seevers, Hannes Füting and Sven Seevers as a company for circular product developments. Superseven stands for the development, design, manufacture and sale of recyclable products, especially for compostable packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials. As a technology scout, Superseven initiates, accompanies and advises on the implementation of circular economy aspects, innovation processes and certifications. With our brand Repaq® we offer a variety of different packaging, which biologically or technologically recyclable. Our products are optimized for the current disposal methods for flexible packaging. Our Repaq® cellulose packaging, for example, is made from PEFC certified forestry residues and composted within 42 days in a natural bioactive environment without leaving any pollutants in nature. It is plastic-free and TÜV-certified garden compostable. We combine cellulose with other compostable materials to form film composites. The good properties add up without losing the disposal character of the packaging. With our consulting services, we provide comprehensive information on the topic of sustainability and the circular economy. In doing so, we look at the entire value chain, from the extraction of raw materials through product manufacture to proper disposal. We analyze the current state, develop concepts for optimization and accompany the implementation into existing production and packaging processes.


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