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Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH

Stand: 4037

At Solarlite we are plugged to the sun. We harness its power to convert water into superheated steam. Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH, from the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, designs and builds solar thermal parabolic trough power stations (concentrated solar power) and process heat facilities. For the first time worldwide, Solarlite has proven direct steam generation commercially in a parabolic trough power plant. Solar thermal facilities offer the most sustainable form of energy recovery in terms of the environment, resources and availability. The technology has the advantage that as direct solar radiation increases, so does the efficiency of the facilities. The facilities are also characterised by a high degree of flexibility. They can be combined with all other fossil and renewable energy sources and are thus base-load capable. Another plus is the option of producing electricity and process heat at the same time or independently of one another. In addition, the residual heat can be used for further industrial applications for example desalination and cooling.


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