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Stand: S12

Revoltech was born from the shared vision of its founders, who already went to school together before starting the company in 2021. United by a passion for sustainability and a profound commitment to the planet, they combine their diverse expertise and ignite a sustainable revolution within the textile industry.

After years of research, LOVR, their first own textile alternative has been developed. LOVR is a plastic-free and vegan textile that looks and feels like leather.

The team now includes thirteen people, and the company proudly calls the campus of the TU Darmstadt its home. Here, a select group of Revoltech’s skilled scientists conduct daily research to optimize the leather-like material, pushing the boundaries of what sustainable textiles can achieve.

The mission is to maximize impact through responsible and creative use of what the earth has in abundance. No exploitation. No fossil fuels. Revoltech combines agriculture, engineering and materials design to achieve the common goal: change the way materials are made.

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