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Recell specialises in extracting, reprocessing and developing applications for cellulose as a competitive and highly sustainable raw material. Our customers include chemical companies, contractors and waste- and recycling industries and industry. Recell is part of the Recell Group, a group of innovative and successful companies working to build a cellulose-based economy. We extract unused cellulose from complex waste streams and give the recovered cellulose unique properties. This new generation off Cellulose is called: Recell. Recell has the smallest possible CO2 footprint and gives you tradable CO2 certificates. Recell is making our clients more competitive, today and tomorrow – a win-win situation, and not least for the environment. We feel deeply committed to greening the economy, and that’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and passion for cellulose and its applications. We provide solutions for a better infrastructure, built environment and a new direction towards sustainable chemistry.


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