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Plantics develops superior natural materials based on a revolutionary invention of the University of Amsterdam. This invention led to a unique new family of 100% biobased thermoset resins and the world's first 100% biobased thermoset materials.  In close collaboration with strong market partners, these materials are used to develop and produce high quality, circular, and CO2 negative products for a variety of applications: Composites: hereby the resins act as a binder. For example, in wood panels or other (natural) fiber-based composites. Packaging: hereby molded paper is coated with the bio-resins. For example, on plant pots and food containers. Foams: hereby the resins are used as base material for biofoams. For example, for (sound) insulation applications in the construction industry. Plantics is being recognized as one of the most promising biomaterials companies. It has received several prestigious international awards and grands such as the European Forum of Biobased Industries Pitch Fest award and a European SME Horizon 2020 grand. Recently, Plantics has been elected together with its partner ‘Vepa the furniture factory’ as the winner of the global innovation award ‘Renewable Material of the Year 2021’.


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