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Natural Fiber Welding

Stand: 3040
Our technology platforms deliver shockingly sustainable, high performance natural materials at attractive price points. We leverage responsibly-sourced natural polymers which can be infinitely recycled or returned to Nature’s nutrient cycles.

NFW® develops new manufacturing routes and material chemistry to unlock new levels of performance for natural materials. We believe that with the right science, anything synthetics can do, plants can do better. 

Petroleum products (like plastics and synthetics) have scaled to support a high standard of living for only ~20% of the world’s population. Less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled. Continuing to scale this linear fossil fuel economy is unsustainable and expensive. 

By contrast, regenerative agriculture can produce differentiated raw materials for ~7.5 billion people while sequestering legacy carbon.

Clean energy is not the only factor in transitioning away from fossil fuels. Some of the most intractable challenges in improving sustainability and raising global standards of living come down to materials—materials that we wear, sit and stand on, and live in.


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