Stand: 6016

MetGen has developed bio-based packaging material using METNIN™ SHIELD lignin additive. Lignin is currently used as source of energy for pulp and paper mills but could be a potential source for high value applications. METNIN™ SHIELD is based on METNIN™ lignin refining technology, replacing fossil-based products in cardboard for strength and moisture-resistance at high humid conditions. The product enables safe storage of the packed materials in ambient and tropical conditions. This solution is biobased, plastic free, recyclable, repulpable, printable, biodegradable together with good printability features. METNIN™ SHIELD replaces the use of starch, synthetic sizing agents and synthetic dyes in packaging application.  METNIN™ formulation does not require retention agents and further additives for its application in packaging paper making process. METNIN™ SHIELD is a potential replacement of plastics and a game changer for the packaging industry. MetGen is awarded as the ‘Grand Prix’ winner of the 2021 Innovation Radar Prize for their innovation on sustainable bio-based packaging solution METNIN™ SHIELD.


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