GreenCon International GmbH

Stand: 326

GreenCon Ltd was established in 2007 with a vision of a new process for the production of building materials. At the beginning, our effort was to take global recycling to the next level and at the same time create a product that will have versatile use in building construction.

We are proud that through the environmentally friendly production and production of 100% recyclable products, we also contribute to the sustainability of resources.

We bring a new technology to the market for the production of building materials that saves the environment. The main production inputs are recyclable substances, originating from industrial processes, which meet the strictest hygienic standards. Production takes place in an environmentally friendly process, without the use and addition of harmful chemicals. The resulting product is GECON board, which with its properties and price surpasses the competition and provides the customer with long-term energy savings.


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