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FUTERRO S.A., is a well-established Belgian Company and was the first company working on the development of lactic acid and Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA)as early as 1992. Futerro has extensive industrial experience in lactic acid production on different substrates in USA, Europe, and Asia, and is continuously upgrading its processes to produce cheaper and better lactic acid with the final purpose of producing high quality PLA (RENEW®). Futerro's first Chinese industrial PLA plant allows the production of a wide range of RENEW® for all existing applications with an annual capacity of 30 KT, expanding to 100 KT in 2022 making FUTERRO the second largest PLA producer in the world. In addition to this core business, Futerro also supports you in the development of new grades for specific applications to help you in your industrial ecological and sustainable transition.


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