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Stand: 5034
Fibrothelium is a technology start-up business derived from the RWTH university, located in Aachen, Germany. We believe that nature’s continued evolutionary skill should not be left unexploited. Therefore, we specialize in the isolation and further processing of proteins extracted from natural silk into an ample variety of products while benefiting from unlimited possibilities concerning further refinement and application. With silk proteins it is indeed possible to obtain a large set of structures ranging from textiles to gels to coatings. Aside from its natural origin, the capacity of adjustable biodegradation eminently substantiates the striving role silk protein currently inherits in the working field of biomedical engineering. Due to its outstanding versatility, the employment of silk is not limited exclusively to the biomedical field: innovative applications in the food, cosmetic and textile industry are constantly emerging and acquiring more and more importance. Our objective is to strictly omit toxic solvents while maintaining low process costs and to remain thoroughly environmentally friendly.


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