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Textile recycling is currently the biggest unsolved problem in the fashion industry." (Handelsblatt) Every second, a truckload of used textiles is incinerated or landfilled. As a result, an annual loss of raw materials amounting to more than €80 billion arises. At the same time, new resources are being cultivated for the ever-growing textile fiber production, leaving an enormous ecological footprint.

For this reason, both consumers and politicians are demanding more sustainability and recycling from fashion brands. However, they do not have the materials to meet this demand.

EEDEN enables the textile industry to use high-quality recycled materials. By using a green-chemical upcycling process, EEDEN extracts cellulose from waste cotton textiles. This cellulose can be seamlessly integrated into existing lyocell/viscose production. In this way, EEDEN transforms the textile industry into a resource-efficient cycle and enables your old clothing to be turned into new high-quality apparel again.


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