Stand: 412

Cycled Technologies develop smartbins that combine artificial intelligence with social incentive to achieve an increased quantity and sorting accuracy of recyclables collected from source. Our smartbins use artificial intelligence to identify materials deposited and adapts a proprietory mechanics to sort items into their respective inner bags. Users are directly incentivized with gamification concepts to increase the smartbin usage.

Source-contamination of recyclables and the lack of adequate motivation to source-sort are the two main reasons behind waste pollution

Our technology increases the source-sorting efficiency of recyclables to up to 88%, which in turn reduces the quantity of landfilled waste and hence results in both financial and CO2 savings. From a financial perspective, our smartbins open up the waste-to-wealth business model for our customers (with an average earning of $100 per ton) which results in a 3-5 years breakeven on their investment and translates to an EU-wide annual revenue stream of about $3 billion.


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