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Stand: D100

Coveris is a leading European packaging company that manufactures flexible and sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most respected brands. The company will be showcasing its sustainable product portfolio at the PWFW conference. Following its commitment to sustainability, Coveris has introduced innovative solutions such as MonoFlexBE, a fully recyclable PE monolaminate for cheese and PaperBarrier Seal, a fully recyclable paper-based packaging with similar product properties to plastic films.

All efforts towards sustainable packaging feed into the company's award-winning No Waste strategy. In line with this strategy, Coveris focuses on the prevention of product, packaging and operational waste. This includes lightweighting, advanced packaging to protect food and consumer products and the use of renewable energy at all production sites.

As part of this journey Coveris launched a brand-new division this year – ReCover is offering unique recycling solutions for the packaging industry. The game-changing waste repurposing process is closing the loop by using a highly effective de-inking and recycling technology, generating outstanding high-quality feedstock from plastic packaging to be reused within packaging material production.

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